While Strong Future International (SFI) offers so much more when compared to any competitor in the field of truly legitimate work at home businesses, some interested seekers can actually become intimidated by the vast amount of income generating possibilities because there certainly is a lot to take on alone.

But a significant beauty of my proposal is that you’re never alone. You do not need to ‘reinvent the wheel’, merely replicate what I and others are doing to achieve a life-long residual income. So, whenever asked by a potential affiliate what exactly my role is in SFI, I explain the following. Follow my example, which I will help you to do, and by duplicating my efforts, you should reap similar results!

I am the Owner/CEO of ReVision Enterprises since 2004. I encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to join SFI to start their own internet marketing business. Then I mentor each member I connect so they can follow in my footsteps, as I help them build their own business and teams. View my SFI Leadership Page.

I currently work as a consultant and affiliate marketer for merchants who sell items through their own worldwide online store (called Triple Clicks). I also recruit additional business owners to sell their products through Triple Clicks, both for which I receive commissions when their items sell.

Triple Clicks also offers many popular items at auction. A considerable amount of money (at least 70% discount off retail) on each can be saved by submitting a winning bid.

Several games are also available by which credits can be accumulated toward future purchases. The percentages of the profits are distributed proportionally among all SFI affiliates according to their organizational level. I actually have fun playing trivia games and entering special drawings to win different items and credits as a routine part of my ‘job’!

Best of all, I am my own boss, running my own business. Strong Future International has several thousand affiliates world-wide, who interact via the SFI Forum. Of course, You’ll have me as your Sponsor, and I promise to help you to achieve your goals. SFI is a real TEAM oriented business.

This must NOW be seriously considered: There is much learning and work to do, and it took time to build my own successful online business. Like it does in any other business. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But determination to succeed, patience and commitment really do reap corresponding rewards.

This is an important TIP, my simple ‘Formula for Success’ = Double your Rate of Failure.

Allow me to explain. Many new entrepreneurs think of Failure as the Enemy of Success. But it really isn’t. You can be completely Discouraged by Failure – or you can Learn from it. So, plan to make Mistakes. Make all you can. Because, where you’ll find Success is on the far side of Failure. As Your coach, I’ll show You how to turn ashes into beauty.

As I’ve enumerated, SFI is merely part of my winning formula. The rest include other decades old  organizations that offers vital promotional services, also for free. They also have affiliate programs that includes several ways to earn additional income, but my main interest is the quality of their reputations. The all inclusive marketing plan of one, superior products of another, and advertising services of the last, comprise my plan.

Like SFI, they attempt to assist new affiliates in all phases of training and related support. One even utilizes live representatives with whom you can dialogue! But my primary goal is to introduce you to quality organizations that will provide excellent possibilities for adequately promoting your new business.

There are many other affiliate programs paying instant cash for your promotional efforts. The problem is getting the proper advertising materials and having a system to send that information out to. The right safelists, traffic exchanges, and various other forms of advertising necessary are ALL included in this organization’s free membership package.

Worldprofit is the best to promote products online. All you need to do is sign up for Free. Once entering your related information is completed, the system will generate your promo!

How much to use this tool?? NOTHING! It’s part of your free membership with Worldprofit.

To investigate this further, please Click this LINK.

Now, please understand, this organization will encourage ‘upgrading’ to increasingly more ‘valuable’ programs. They actually operate their own income generating affiliate program. It is a good one, and of course, you can join it if desired. But the central purpose of my business proposal is to guide You into prosperity utilizing the combined resources available through these proven organizations.

As discussed earlier, TOO much information (or involvement) tends to confuse, frustrate, and ultimately end in ‘burn out’. Don’t fall into THAT trap! There’s plenty of time to expand Your business, once You’ve laid a proper foundation. Those that build on shifting sand, NEVER stand very long!

So, assuming Your monetary resources are limited, remember my earlier instructions: Do not pay for ANY program or offer, BEFORE fully investigating and experiencing the success it claims!

Even at the upgraded paid levels of WorldProfit you will be expected to join many traffic exchanges and safelists. The time it takes and the indexing of all the new sites causes an unfortunate distraction to actually building a secure business. So beware, join for free but don’t get sucked into their upgraded memberships. Their free services promote good enough to start. Otherwise You’ll end up with more responses than You can handle!

Right now, I only want You to have access to a credible source when it comes time to begin promoting Your new business.  AFTER you see beneficial results, you can always ‘upgrade’. But this isn’t even a priority now.

When You visit my other website WorldProfits Social Network You’ll see many Free items that will provide substantial insight and additional education in related Internet Marketing. Depending on your personal experience operating a successful online business, that info may well be invaluable. Only You can determine how much or little You need. Either way I’ll assist in those undertakings as well.

Two examples of the free services available through WorldProfit:


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