I’ve dedicated this entire page to further explain the actual possibilities for making money operating your own work at home biz. Keep in mind, the uniqueness of my offer, is that I am committed to helping you achieve your goals of creating a stable residual income. It is my ongoing personal assistance in this endeavor that you may soon discover is the key ‘missing-link’ in other work at home opportunities.

Roughly 90% of others attempting to benefit from this SAME business fail. Without the continued support of an experienced entrepreneur to help teach, encourage, and guide you, even the best of business models won’t provide lasting success.

Specifically, the real source of income is properly utilizing the business model and resources of a reputable company like Strong Future International (SFI). These facts should become your primary focus and you should utilize them to the best of your ability if you want to create a legitimate  and consistent life-long residual income. I posted this here so you can have an advantageous preview of what is offered and expected – BEFORE you decide to become an SFI Affiliate and join my team of prosperous entrepreneurs.

But remember, this  is only One Part of my total proposal. The others are introduced later, but none necessarily in any order of priority or value . Keep in mind also, that these organizations have succeeded for decades. The unique value of MY proposal rests entirely on my personal knowledge and guidance on how to best utilize the resources that these organizations provide.

Strong Future International is a Network Marketing Group launched in 1998. Starting in the United States with only one product, but growing daily, SFI now promotes more than 90,000 products and services. They include everything from electronics to health aids, games and auctions. Revenue now comes from more than 200 countries worldwide. 

One of the MOST necessary things all new successful online businesses need is defining their niche. Most ‘newbies’ don’t know what is or how to develop their ideal position. Most don’t have a product to promote or knowledge of how and where to best display it.  SFI, and the other organizations about to be introduced, together solve this dilemma.

SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to participate in the growing revolution of global E-commerce. Any person of legal age in their respective country may become an SFI affiliate for Free. There are minimal activity obligations, but no purchase requirements of any kind. Once registered, affiliates are provided links to professional websites that market SFI products from which You can earn consistent commissions.

SFI attempts to provide personal support to help train and establish new partners. But, the quality of that support depends entirely on the individual Sponsor. Every new member is automatically assigned to a ‘Team’. The Sponsor of that team might be as new to SFI also. How is a novice to a business supposed to give competent guidance to newer members placed under their tutelage? This is a problem I’ll help to resolve.

Like most network marketing businesses, seniority is based upon order of sign up dates. So, everyone before you is eligible to have new members placed ‘under’ them. This is neither fair to you or other new members. While SFI allows transfers to different Sponsors, it is NOT prominently displayed as an immediate option. Therefore, most new affiliates do not receive adequate help or know that they can change to a better sponsor.

Of course, the ultimate goal of every program is to get new customers to purchase products. Although SFI has developed an excellent product line and related Ecommerce marketplace  to promote sales, commissions are comparatively low.

Mostly, the program is set up to provide over-ride commissions from the purchases of other SFI affiliates under you. This is a common MLM practice and does work – AFTER competent development of a team. This revisits the lack of training problem.

You may wonder why I include SFI as a recommended organization after such a critical review. It is because their training material and marketing resources are efficient and  highest quality – when assisted by a dedicated Sponsor.

That is why I include my invitation to become your personal ‘business coach’. Yes, technically I’m a Sponsor, but instead of being introduced AFTER deciding to become an SFI Affiliate, I’ve introduced myself and my intentions prior to you having to make any commitment. Additionally, we will only be utilizing strategic parts of their program, combining them with the best from others.

Sales assistance, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment, are all included automatically at no cost to affiliates. For each sale generated, SFI pays a commission commensurate to the affiliate’s rank and progress. Additional income may be obtained by expanding individual networks by building and leading affiliate teams. I’ll help you learn and fully understand how it all works. You’ll never be alone, left in confusion, or feeling too overwhelmed. You can always contact me to answer any question or concern.

SFI is  a valid, well founded, sensible online business that utilizes many proven strategies of network marketing. They’ve shown over 15 MILLION men and women, in more than 200 countries worldwide, how to create  24/7/365 income streams. Don’t let that intimidate you though, because unlike other so-called ‘network marketing’, SFI has a very SUCCESSFUL track record as a subsidiary of Carson Services Inc. serving entrepreneurs for nearly 33 years since 1985!

NOTICE: What you earn as an SFI Affiliate is wholly determined by your own individual efforts.  SFI cannot guarantee that any affiliate will earn any set amount, but SFI Affiliates who are independent contractors – not employees of SFI are given commissions earned for referring the sale of retail products.  SFI does provide training that has led its affiliates to earn substantial incomes, but your individual responsibility to faithfully follow the SFI Training Course, and the amount of time and/or capitol you invest in Your business, will determine Your individual success.

This incredible business has delighted and helped many new entrepreneurs when aptly trained. Consider too, the added advantage my personal partnership will provide. But don’t merely take my word for it; review the actual testimonies of thousands of satisfied SFI Affiliates by Clicking this LINK. [choose the country that interests you most]

Unlike other network marketing plans, you are NOT left alone to recruit new members. In addition to the following assets, I am committed to sharing marketing strategies gleaned from my years of experience. SFI also provides a co-op program that does much of the advertising and promoting. Likewise, incentives can be won or earned by auction bidding and playing games at SFI‘s unique online marketplace, Triple Clicks.

All those who faithfully follow the SFI regularly tweaked business plan can achieve individual success. It is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme; it does take time, commitment, and patience. But EVERYTHING needed to help you achieve the level of success you desire is offered for free in the SFI Training Course. I will help ‘interpret’ the terms and formulas foreign to you.

Many who join SFI during their first few days or weeks are understandably a bit confused or overwhelmed by the amount of quality instruction available in the free SFI Training Course. But, if you exercise patience and rely on your Sponsor (me), you will have no problems getting through the initial period of learning to run this biz. Then I will introduce you to the best elements from other programs to create a successful High-Commission portfolio. My business proposal incorporates much more than SFI.

Most important to understand
You must apprehend it as such!

Many aspiring first-time business owners are unaware of the statistics available. According to a report from USA Today, half of new businesses no longer exist after five years. Only one-third actually survive to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

According to Bloomberg, 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 90% crash and burn. Reasons why range from ignorance to lack of discipline, with failure to set and attain realistic goals being among the most prevalent. I firmly believe in, and have prospered from, setting reasonable goals. Without aiming at something specific, you’re destined to continue hitting nothing. I’ll help you set and accomplish practical goals.

You must decide how much time you’ll devote and the speed at which you’ll gain success. Patience and commitment are key elements in any successful biz. I’ve learned that Quality of Education is more important than Quantity. If you rush through training too fast, you’re likely to miss important points on how to earn big. The result will lead to frustration, disillusionment, and eventual failure. But I will keep you on a reliable pace that will result in prosperity.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to every single bit of insight I’ll provide, because I’ve have passed through all the stages which are still ahead of you on your new road to success. My ultimate interest is that you understand precisely how SFI works and that you are moving in the right direction –  because your interest and success is MY interest and success. Like in any business,  profit is made only when sales are made. SFI only makes money when You and I do. So, of course, they are highly motivated to provide everything we need to accomplish that!

But keep in mind, SFI is only ONE of the ‘pieces to the puzzle’. So,follow what I have gleaned from their business model, but don’t get too involved in treating SFI as your primary  source of income! Basically, do what You can in their system for free.

Teamwork multiplies the desired results of our personal ambitions and goals. Individual effort is by design in SFI,  to coordinate with, and to be functional within, a team. Not only will I provide you my personal assistance, there are thousands of other entrepreneurs who are on the SFI team.

To be successful at SFI, you’ll learn how to help aspiring and working members of your team, while gaining steps through various positions within the SFI Network. This is because tomorrow, when ready, you will have your own team, as you begin to reap the rewards of being the ‘boss’.

Interestingly, I’ve got thousands of members in my team, but I’ve not personally met any of them. Through several communication features provided by SFI,  effective instruction, encouragement, and other mutually beneficial means, interactions are accomplished daily – with persons in several different countries!

As I mentioned, there is an enormous amount of information that is provided in the free SFI Training Course. So, to help you to prioritize that which is paramount from the less important things, prepare yourself to follow the ‘rules’. When you start in SFI you’ll first be expected to learn some basic routines (daily assignments, weekly tasks, monthly goals, product familiarity, etc.). These must be accomplished in order to facilitate success and I’ll help you.

When you perform these tasks in addition to escalating to various executive levels, you also show your seriousness to your team by your appearance regularly in your SFI online office. It is quite normal in any biz, if you intend to do your job seriously, you need to show up every day and respond to the obligations that job demands. SFI is a REAL business, the significant difference is – YOU’RE the boss and I’ll be your partner.

So consider seriously, for what do you expect to receive a salary? More than just because you show up at work every day, actually it is because you do something concrete that creates a profit for your company. It is the same with SFI. When you complete your daily tasks you are credited with showing up at work every day. But, in order to make a profit and create a steady income for yourself, you will have to do the actual work, and I will be helping you to accomplish most of that.

While creation of a team is the most concrete way to achieve earnings in this business, in SFI you can create income in many different ways. But only through team building  will you achieve a long term, stable residual income. Everything else (the sale of any of 95,000+ products, promotional auctions, winning games, etc.) is an extra possibility for ADDITIONAL earnings. But building a productive team ultimately creates a stable and secure source of income, because your team eventually provides your infinite residual monthly income. That is the DNA of network marketing.

The bigger and stronger you develop your team, the greater and more secure your earnings. But here again – Quality is more important than mere Quantity. 100 people performing precisely as planned create more profit than a million people not applying proper techniques. I’ll help you to sort the MOVERS from the SNOOZERS.

An Important Final Note:
The majority of SFI Affiliates have NOT come through my website. Likewise, they have by default unwittingly chosen to ‘go it alone’. Available to all affiliates are statistics posted at SFI that show this. That is why even they warn that fewer than 10% of new sign-ups will ever begin to generate any sales.

But, if you seriously invest your time and efforts with due diligence and don’t treat this as just another Internet entertainment, within a few years you’ll have a great internet business that should provide a substantial life-long residual income.

Yes, I said ‘years’ again This is a REAL Business Proposal. SFI is merely ONE PART of my total proposal. As with most businesses, you do not become wealthy overnight. But to the degree you dedicate yourself to the biz, corresponding returns can be reaped.
So, do you or don’t you want to be your own boss? If you join SFI via this LINK  provided, I will become your sponsor and personal business partner.

Understand, being your own boss doesn’t mean you divorce yourself from advice and support. You will be an entrepreneur. Like other prosperous entrepreneurs, you will be surrounded by other experienced entrepreneurs, who will encourage you and guide you in many tried-and-true techniques involved in operating a lucrative and very successful online biz. For a comparison of SFI with other types of online businesses, please review this PDF Chart.
[requires Adobe Reader]

My proposal has as its ultimate goal the sharing of tremendous life-long prosperity. It incorporates the resources I’ve personally gleaned from several other business models. Some of them like SFI, I encourage You to join. But comparison is essential to begin to see what specific parts of a plan work well. Use those but don’t waste time on parts that don’t .

In conclusion, SFI is one of my personal chosen business models because it works. SFI has been improving its program and increasingly compensating more successful affiliates every year. I continue to operate my own business and my affiliation with SFI is as an independent contractor.

If you are still skeptical, please visit this page by clicking HERE. Then Click the TIPS Tab on the MENU at the top of THIS page.

In addition to the information already supplied, I would also like to introduce another part of my winning business strategy. I reserved this until now because, it involves resources beyond what SFI offers. I have discovered these are essential to the proper promotion of Your business.

You actually don’t need this until and unless You have set up Your business and are now prepared to start promoting it. One of the strategies I will be sharing with You is how to develop priorities.

Knowing Why You need to do certain things, learning How to do them effectively, and just as importantly – precisely WHEN to do what – are ALL included in my ongoing coaching. My true desire is to show you how to prosper always!

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