ATTENTION: This information is INTENDED for serious business entrepreneurs only. This is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ offer, but a real Work at Home joint-venture career proposal. If YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO FULLY READ IT, YOU PROBABLY DON’T REALLY WANT TO OPERATE A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS.

ReVision Enterprises

 Revision Enterprises is a sole-proprietorship established in Long Beach, California in 2004. Hence the Domain Name – This website contains personal strategies for financial success from a Certified Financial Analyst and is the 2018 update to one of the longest running, most productive free online business proposals ever!

Dream or Reality? 
Few people actually like waking up early to commute to work for somebody else according to a fixed schedule. But most of us need a regular source of income. When many consider these things, they dream about working from home. To be their own boss, to set their own hours would be great, but is it actually possible?

Dreams are nice, but what about real needs? Does your job pay enough; or maybe you don’t have a job at all? Legitimate work at home income opportunities really do exist that can more than adequately fulfill your income goals. Whether part-time – investing merely a few hours per week, or full-time – creating a new career, allow me to introduce something that provides both – for free!

This is NOT a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Scheme!
I’m offering a sincere, legitimate financial strategy, that when embraced as any other genuine job, can create a reliable life-time income. So, please take a few minutes to scroll through this entire page. You’ll receive insight into the most effective work from home business models available in the past 32 years running! LINKS below provide access to some of the many income opportunities this career plan offers. But they are provided as a detailed preview of the ‘tools’ I employ, NOT an endorsement or solicitation to join those organizations.

An Important Distinction To Realize:
While I utilize and teach the use of some of the methods, tools, and products of those highly successful organizations, I am NOT their employee, but an independent contractor. I invite you to review and if You desire, participate in the organizations, to familiarize yourself with them. But avoid any temptation to ‘drop anchor’ in any one of them, believing it to be the perfect online business. Each is merely a piece of a much bigger ‘puzzle’, as I will reveal to You.

Then I will introduce You to my personal unique proven strategies that take the best from these and blend them together into an ideal online business model. I NEVER charge for my services, but some third-party resources may require some monetary investment. It will always be entirely up to You to decide whether or not You want to utilize ANY recommended resource.

I hope to retain You as a personal client, at no cost or risk ever to You. I offer my services as a professional financial advisor and experienced Internet Marketer to assist you in achieving your goals. If you’ll allow, I will guide you step-by-step into a stable residual income. By explaining, prioritizing, and capitalizing on their business models, I’ll reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of Affiliate Marketing. That’s how I make a living – THEY pay me, NOT You.

If you accept my offer, we will establish an unwritten mutually beneficial joint-venture. There won’t be a binding contract between us, only a reciprocal agreement. My services will be provided Free of charge as long as you continue to abide by a few simple rules. The organizations whose tools and business models we will glean from are also Free of charge to set up. It is regarding their requirements to earn ‘extra income’ where I intervene with a BETTER way.

To accept my proposal and join me in this unique partnership, simply Fill out and Submit this Form. You are under NO obligation and I will only reply when You continue to respond. I’ll reply one-time with full details – from there on, its entirely up to You.

To preview the recommended work at home business organizations, continue reading. Their resources provide the same way I regularly earn from the comfort and security of my home 24/7/365!  Why ‘reinvent the wheel’ when you can easily learn to duplicate a proven strategy for success? If You prefer to skip the details and proceed directly to LINKS to the valuable online business resources I prefer – Click on the RESOURCES Tab on the Menu at the top of the page.

So, What’s the ‘Catch’?
Why would I share this with you? Simply, because someone did the same for me. Someone was nice enough to introduce me to this incredible way to make money online at home. Now I want to do the same for you. Some may call it “paying it forward”. Others simply say, “do for others what you want them to do for you”.

When you start making money from home and have achieved the success you hoped for from it, won’t You do the same? Please, share with others the truth and plan that provides the great assets you’ll receive. There are many like you that need this. So, remember to give to others and you will continue to receive!

Sadly, there are more than enough ‘work at home opportunities’ being promoted online. Most, quite frankly, are either totally bogus scams, or extremely too costly to join and/or operate. Trust me, I spent many long hours and far too much money pursuing the WRONG so-called work at home opportunities’.

I’ve been an Internet Marketer since 1999, and an online business owner since 2004. Notice the five-year ‘learning curve’?. It took a while to sort through ALL the ‘opportunities’ to figure what works and what doesn’t. I found that there really isn’t any ONE that works. But there are several that when complemented by a few others, actually create a winning business model!

This Proposal offers the most concise strategies and marketing tools available online. While even those models claim to fully train and equip you, personal guidance and support is sadly lacking. The ‘secret’ to my plan is the constant coaching and help You will receive from me. No other offer provides the dedication to Your personal success that I sincerely pledge myself to.

The Reality of Online Work at Home
Many websites promise a way to make money. They give you a basic over-view, even some good instruction, but then – You’re on your own. You’re left juggling so much new information, and even though they offer support, it takes days to weeks to secure an actual resolution.

In my experience, far too many give You lots of resources, but then don’t effectively teach You how to properly use them. Most give You too much information at once, and such excess tends to merely confuse and frustrate. When that occurs, failure rates outdo success .

Even the organizations whose tools I use and promote, require more personal assistance to truly prosper. There is really no ‘set and forget’ constant income provision. The popular ‘no man is an island’ ideology is definitely appropriate when applied to truly legitimate businesses!

Other advertisers virtually lie to people who sincerely want to (or desperately need to) earn an adequate and consistent income. They claim that by working at home online you will get rich in a few days to a month. Even without doing anything other than ‘setting-up’ some unique ‘automated system’, veritable “Money Machines” for sale!  But only after an adequate investment of time and money is diligently applied to laying a proper work foundation, can such automation be achieved.

Although it has occasionally happened more rapidly, it’s definitely NOT typical. Fewer than 0.5% of those plans last long. Long enough for the promoters to make their money and then disappear. Some people do make a one-time profit, but most people make nothing at all. Statistically, 90% of new businesses show NO profit during their first YEAR of operation. So, dream – but don’t ignore reality. Prepare for the long-haul to secure life-long success.

Another reality is that ‘Get Rich Quick’ opportunities are rarely Free. Most often, you have to pay handsomely to really learn how to make money online at home. Or they may offer instead: you can ‘buy-into’ some ‘automated money producing system’ they will completely run for you. They like to call it an ‘investment’, but its really a FEE. They expect you to spend money before you actually make money! They appeal to lazy, non-motivated individuals who chase ‘pipe-dreams’ NOT real businesses.

Never Spend Before Assured
You want earn money, NOT spend money! Honestly, if ANY ‘opportunity’ to work at home requires an upfront FEE to try or to join, it’s probably NOT a legitimate source of continual income. More than likely, it’s NOT a reputable business!

It is certainly true that most businesses require initial investments, and ongoing operational and promotional costs. But real work at home jobs cut much of that traditional ‘over-head’. There are never any rent/lease, commute/vehicle, or stocking/shipping expenses incurred. Best of all, you’re the boss, you set your own schedule, and you always earn commensurate to your efforts! With my particular proposal, You’ll be a partner with me and other prosperous entrepreneurs.

This is a Real Work at Home Business
I’ve made a sincere effort to provide an insightful introduction in the most concise way possible on this page. You really can Be Your Own Boss! Remember, this is a UNIQUE offer. While literally millions have been introduced to these organizations globally, ONLY those who come through this website are given the benefit of my personal services. Attempting to succeed ALONE, without competent guidance has resulted in a 90% failure rate, even with all that these organizations offer.

Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to begin to operate your own online business is through ‘affiliate marketing’. Simply explained, it is promoting other people’s services and/or products for a commission. Because it absolutely removes the need for inventory, property lease, invoicing and shipping, a novice can quite literally begin immediately. High-End enterprises require applications and screening processes, but most are only a matter of signing up.

As I mentioned before, I offer my services for free. I can do so because I am an affiliate marketer. Links I provide on my websites automatically signal to the companies they connect to that all activity is now credited to me. Some Links have 30-45 day ‘cookies’. Many are for 60 – 90 days!

Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember statistical information such as who and why visitors come. In the early years of Internet, many were quite suspicious of cookies. They were believed to be capable of spying on users of the net. While it is true that they ‘spy’ on browsing habits to accumulate marketing trends, they cannot peek into your personal info.

So, in complete innocence and legitimacy, cookies provide a way to rightfully establish who gets credit for providing the visitors to affiliate websites. Unique Affiliate ID Numbers are assigned which can be incorporated into HTML Code, URL’s, and Embedded into videos. So, whatever the media, the affiliate Link gives accurate tracking, ultimately resulting in a commission.

Obviously, terminology related to the process is a learned commodity. I’ll be glad to explain in more detail if You personally need it, but this should be sufficient  for now. What You want to focus on NOW is determining Your individual understanding of, and success with, affiliate marketing.

The vast majority of newcomers to affiliate marketing, have only a superficial comprehension of how it works. Few rightly contemplate the deeper, often hidden truth. Literally millions of affiliate marketers compete every day for a limited amount of promoted items. Yes, there are billions of products available, but a comparatively small amount are being promoted by affiliates.

The point is, that MOST affiliates do not realize the great competition that exists for the popular products mostly being promoted. Naivety to that, wastes a big majority of promotional time and money by professional affiliates. Not knowing the competition, tends to provide them the commissions You’re seeking. So, who do You suppose will be a more successful affiliate?  One who has the benefit of expert guidance and advice, or the ‘lone ranger’, do-it-yourselfer?

If you’re sincerely ready and serious about operating your own successful money-making online business, then follow this LINK. You’ll be presented with details about one of my personal business plans to work from home. It is ONLY a starting point – good foundational material to build upon, but NOT a perfect system. You will however, become my newest partner and I’ll begin to help you set up and maintain your new business.

NOTE: My plan is to show You strategies for SUCCESS utilizing some of what these organizations provide. Ultimately, there are far better and easier ways to accomplish sustained profitability.

Consider these two extremely important facts about earning income online and affiliate programs:

  1. Solely recruiting new members merely produces new generations of uninformed new recruits. Unless they become adequately trained and empowered to earn, it won’t matter whether you have 2 or 20,00 recruits on your ‘team’. The quality of their performance is directly related to the quality of the coaching provided.
  2. It is just as easy to sell $20,000 products as it is to sell $20 products. It takes the SAME amount of time, talent, and resources. I will introduce You to High-Paying Affiliate commission products, NOT generally considered by online novices.

I understand that many people would appreciate a more detailed explanation about the specific individual organizations I use BEFORE having to commit. Therefore, I’ve provided more detailed information on another page. You may access it by clicking the BIZ LINK on the MENU on the Top Left of this page.

Take a careful look at the entire overview before you decide if this is right for you. Remember, it is the COMBINED use of several prominent organizations that I use to generate income. Each offers to be a stand alone business. But my experience with them has revealed their hidden flaws, which I’ll expose, and remedy!

Don’t be afraid to do something you may not know about now. Take a chance – for Free. The ONLY investment is your time. So, learn something new, and have fun at the same time!

Remember too, the above Link reveals merely One Part of my total formula for success. I’ll reveal the other parts on the BIZ Page.


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